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By Gina Cluth

Beauty Info Zone: Five beauty favorites for the dog days of summer!

Clutch Versatile Hair Spray ($32) – While I am not big on tons of styling when it’s hot and humid, I am big on hair products that make it easy to keep my hairdo from becoming a hair don’t. Clutch Versatile Hair Spray is pretty terrific.…


I know what you’re probably thinking: Coating your hair with oil sounds like the exact opposite of what should happen to strands. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of dry shampoo (and, really, shampoo) to keep oil and grease as far…

Expert-Approved Tips That'll Ensure You Love Your Wedding-Day Hairstyle | Martha Stewart Weddings

Yet another decision you'll have to make as your big day approaches is what you plan to do with your hair. Whether you're particular about how your locks look, or prefer a more natural approach, experts agree that your wedding hairstyle…

The Right Curling Iron Size Matters — Here’s Why

When it comes to curling irons, most of us reach for a hot tool with a one or two-inch barrel (aka, the rod). However, these aren’t the only curling iron sizes available and they might not even be the best size for the hairstyle you are trying…

Organic Authority - 5 Tools to Achieve Perfect Hair Without Heat Damage

By Gina’s tools use infrared technology to steam the hair rather than applying direct heat. According to Gina herself, “this method will serve to retain all of the hair’s natural moisture. The extra hydration also contributes to creating…

Cuvée Beauty - Yes, There Really is a Right Way to Wash Your Hair

Gina quoted in, Phenix Salon Suites mentioned and Excel Styler featured in Yes, There Really is a Right Way to Wash Your HairREAD MORE

Your Tango - Excel Infrared Blow Dryer featured in, How To Make Your Hair Shiny, 20 Best Products of All Time

Get your shine on.Nothing makes a sad, dreary day than limp and dull hair. But if that's just how our hair looks, are we stuck? Of course not! There are tons of shiny hair products and tools out there dedicated to keeping our…

The Spotlyte

Gina’s Fenty Beauty selection featured in These Are the 9 Beauty Products That Busy Boss Ladies Swear By.READ MORE