By Gina Cluth

By Gina CluthClutch Versatile Hair Spray ($32) – While I am not big on tons of styling when it’s hot and humid, I am big on hair products that make it easy to keep my hairdo from becoming a hair don’t. Clutch Versatile Hair Spray is pretty terrific. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and you can vary the amount of hold from flexible to hard. The big plus for dog days is this hairspray actually removes dirt and sweat from hair, which improves the health of your strands and also cuts down on congested skin at your hairline. The featured ingredient is biotin, a combination of vitamins B6/B5/B12, along with collagen. This treats hair making it more elastic and healthy. Collagen: Main component of the Biogen ™ complex. Repairs damaged cuticle layers improving suppleness and shine. Wheat Protein: Repairs the cortex improving overall strength and preventing future damage. Replenishes lost protein caused from abusing our hair daily. Peptides: Repairs weak strands and creates a barrier to prevent damage caused by excessive use of heat, brush/comb friction and environmental stresses. Clutch Versatile Hairspray leaves my hair shiny and full. It has a fine spray that is buildable for hold that truly lasts all day. Plus a percentage of every product sold goes towards cancer research. I think it’s the perfect hairspray for hot, humid days.

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